Municipal election platform: Helsinki 24/7






We are building a city where housing is affordable and everyone has a home. Our Helsinki has room for both people born in Helsinki and newcomers to the city. We want to strengthen Helsinki’s status as an international metropolis.

Public transport in Helsinki must be reliable and affordable. It must serve the entire city at all hours of the day, equally. We are building a city where transport is comfortable, safe and streamlined whether you are on foot, riding a bike or driving a car.

Helsinki is a collection of unique districts full of life. We are building a city where the individual identity and culture of each city district is an asset and a resource. All of the city districts are allowed to flourish.

It must be safe to live anywhere in Helsinki. We are contributing to safety by addressing and solving the underlying reasons for a sense of insecurity, not by
putting up walls.

Helsinki creates the prerequisites for hundreds of thousands of jobs. We are building
an ideal city for employees, entrepreneurs and employers. We want our city to be an exemplary, fair and responsible employer and we want city personnel to feel proud of their work for the common good.


Climate change is a matter of life and death for humanity. We are building
a city that makes eco-conscious choices and ensures that recycling works well. We must stop using fossil fuels and make production of heat and energy more environmentally friendly.

Helsinki is an attractive city for students, where everyone has the right to gain an education and learn. We are building a city where early childhood education and comprehensive school are never far away from home. We guarantee everyone the right to a versatile study path at genuinely free-of-charge upper secondary level and by supporting institutes of higher education located in Helsinki.

We want to make our Helsinki a pioneer in integration. Anyone moving to Helsinki for work, studies, safety or love is integrated to become a fully-fledged member of society.

The well-being of Helsinki and its residents relies on versatile trade and industry, entrepreneurship and innovations. We have the most skilled and educated labour force in all of Finland and more than 500,000 consumers. We are building a city with opportunities to create something new, start businesses and employ people. We will also draft premises and traffic policies to promote
new business.


We are building a city where shared services are truly accessible to all, and accessibility is realised in both the physical and electronic environments. Our Helsinki cares for and listens to each and every resident.

We want the best health care to be available to anyone who needs it anywhere in the city. We are building a city where everyone has the opportunity to receive good care and treatment. We are building a city that makes a good life and an active and dignified old age possible. Helsinki displays the full range of human life. Residents may sometimes need the safety net of society to catch them.

We are building a city that cares and takes care, and where we solve issues like marginalisation and deprivation. We are building a city that takes responsibility for the well-being of young people and reaches those who need support. In Helsinki, every young person and child has an equal opportunity to pursue their hobbies.

Helsinki is the Finnish capital of culture. Culture generates everyday
well-being and its impact is immense. We are building a city that supports the culture industry in many ways and takes care of operators in the field when times get tough. The library network, genuinely serving the entire city and all residents of Helsinki, must be taken care of.

The forests, beaches and archipelago in Helsinki are unique. Market squares, other squares, parks and green areas are the lifeline of the urban environment. We are building a city and ensuring that as it grows, we leave room for running paths and recreation areas.