Do you want to change the world? We would like to invite you to join us in shaping Finland’s future. Join us in building a fairer, more equal and humane society. Together we can do anything. Our values cross the boundaries of language, nationality and background. We have a great number of international members, activists, and candidates, all taking part in different ways.


You can join SDP if you approve of SDP’s value base, are either a Finnish citizen or a foreign citizen residing in Finland, and are at least 15 years of age.

Contributing as a member

As a member you can make a difference:

In your local party branch. Every member has the right to participate in the decision-making and activities of their own party branch.

  • By submitting motions to your local party branch, municipal branch, or district organisation. All motions from members must be discussed.
  • By standing as a candidate for local party branch, municipal branch, district organisation, or national party level positions.
  • By standing as a candidate in municipal, county, parliamentary, or European elections.
  • By voting in primary elections.
  • By submitting motions to the Party Congress. The Party Congress discusses all motions addressed to it.

Local party branches are the basic units of the party. Every SDP member is a member of a local party branch. You can also be a supporting member in another branch.

Party branches send their representatives to municipal branch and district organisation meetings. They also nominate candidates for elections, party congress delegates, and other party positions. Local party branches also nominate presidential candidates for SDP’s internal primary elections.

For more information about the local party branches in your own municipality, visit the website of the SDP district organisation of your area. The executive directors of the district organisations are also always happy to help you.