Activities in Helsinki are organized by Local Party Branches (LPB) as well as the district organisation SDP Helsinki. Additionally, there are numerous special interest associations, groups, and networks organized around various topics.

Come and get acquainted and join the discussion! The events are open to everyone. More detailed information can be found in the event calendar (Tapahtumat).

We are developing our English network and things are growing bit by bit.

How does the SDP operate?
Members of the SDP belong to Local Party Branches (LPB). District organisation is made up of several branches. A lot of SDP Helsinki activities takes place at branch level.

Any Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 15 and any foreign national whose domicile is in Finland and who accepts the party’s values ​​can be a member of a Party Branch and thus a member of the SDP. You can also register as a supporter of the SDP.

The highest decision-making body is the Party Congress, held every three years. Between Party Congresses, the highest decision-making authority is exercised by the Party Council elected by the party congress, which meets regularly twice a year. The Party Board, chaired by Antti Lindtman, serves as the governing body for political activities. Candidates for parliamentary elections and party congress delegates are chosen through member votes, among other decisions.